Joint Poll in year 2020:

Final Report/   January 2019: 

Policy Papers

1) Khalil Shikaki, “Peace versus the People,” Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Fall 2017 

2) Khalil Shikaki, “Do Palestinians Still Support the two-State Solution?” Foreign Affairs, September 2018 

3) Khalil Shikaki and Dahlia Scheindlin, Two-State or One-State, English, Carnegie_Baker, fall 2018 

4) Shai Feldman and Khalil Shikaki, “Trump Peace Plan,” ME Brief, the Crown Center for ME Studies, Brandeis University, April 2109

5) خليل الشقاقي وداليا شيندلين، دولتان أم دولة واحدة  

Summary Tables:

1) Table 1_  support of the general public for the original and modified packages and components

2) Table 2 support of the problematic constituencies to package and components

3) Table 3 Incentives to garner public support

4) Table 4 incentives to garner problematic constituencies support

5) Table 5_ response of problematic constituencies to modified package

6) Table 6 impact of paired  incentives on support for package

7) Table 7_  sacred values and problematic constituencies

8) Table 8 impact of positive perceptions of the other on TSS and package

9) Table 9 impact of perception of the other on TSS and package

10) Table 10_ Palestinian and Israeli public support for TSS, one-state, and confederation

11) Table 11 impact of elite perception on attitudes

Joint elite Polls:

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